The HealLove method™

HeallovemethodDo you want to learn and master a new revolutionary method created to heal love on a very deep level?

The HealLove method™ is an energetic and therapeutic method created to heal love in a new, fast, and effective way. You will achieve lasting results in the essence of every person.

The Heal Love method™ gives you tools to integrate Heart-Body-Mind energies. You can heal the ability to love yourself and others. This method is revolutionary for creating successful relationships – a new way to perceive and experience life and the inner world. In today’s world, too many of us are struggling to find and maintain love.

The HealLove method™ balances the root causes of the client’s struggle. By using the HealLove method™ you reveal the core of the client’s challenges and you learn how to balance them. We teach you how to balance clients’ health – physical and mental – and how to renew their inner voice and language and to live with an unlocked heart.

The HealLove method™

The founders of the HealLove method™, feel the world needs new approaches to heal the Heart-Body-Mind energies of any person suffering in love and life.

The HealLove method™ is different from conventional therapy by combining tapping with other energy modalities. Unless you remove the root cause in the subconscious mind and energy body, the same triggers and suffering will continue to create damage in your love life and life in general.

We now offer you an innovative approach to heal love and self-love and creating a consciousness of being worthy.

We replace fear with love and create a personal therapeutic transformation.

Help yourself and your clients to be able to love; be loved and live in a state of love instead of fear.

The amount of single and divorced people is rising all over the world. People are searching for love on dating apps hoping to find love in the form of a new person to transform their lives. Many people spend years searching for love in other people without even loving themselves.

The number of people suffering in life due to the lack of love and self-love is immense and growing.

The HealLove method™ is a practice combining tapping with other energy modalities. This method is very specific when working with love-related difficulties. The synergy in healing love comes down to being in an energetic state of love instead of fear.

Love is the medicine the world needs to transcend and evolve!

A revolutionary method created to heal love

The HealLove method™ is based on working with the body’s energy systems combined with life and love coaching. It is a new way to view and understand what is causing challenges in people´s love lives. We provide a renewed way of working with clients to release their subconscious barriers which prevent loving oneself and another person in a romantic relationship and life in general.

The HealLove method™ is based on the work love coach and energypsychology therapist Dorte Ravn and energy therapist Hanna Luukko have performed with their clients. You will be introduced to the knowledge of love from an energetic and subconscious perspective.

The HealLove method™ is to be considered and understood as a new and innovative energy-based approach to finding, releasing, and removing the energetic barriers that keep you trapped in a younger emotional age of your childhood. The HealLove method™ calls this trap an “unconscious emotional encoding”. The hidden thread caused by the encoding follows through your every romantic relationship and is the reason why you end up in the same difficulties regardless of who your partner is. This happens until you cut the thread to your old subconscious story and install a new emotional encoding.

The HealLove method™ helps you to cut this hidden thread completely and supports you in creating the future of your dreams. When you remove the hidden subconscious barriers, you become able to fall in love with a person who embodies a different kind of personality than your ex-partners – the first step in creating the love life of your dreams as well as your dream life!

The HealLove method™ teaches you to balance the Heart-Body-Mind energy systems. It sets the required energetic grounding before working with the subconscious mind. Working with the body’s energy system is also an effective way to become more radiant and joyful – and to fall in love with yourself. Shifted energies enable you to cope with life experiences from a new perception and with new resilience.

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Help yourself and your clients to be able to love, be loved, and live in love

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Should you hesitate about participating in the education or have some questions, please join us for more information in Copenhagen.

WhenSaturday 13 th. April 2024 at 2.00 pm – GMT +1

WhereManuVision House; Bernhard Bangs Allé 25 – 27, 2000 Frederiksberg C


We will livestream this meeting and online participation is also possible.

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